©Vince Pawless 2020

Consciousness is not a size, consciousness is not an amount. Consciousness is not a prize. Consciousness is not a load, consciousness is not a burden, consciousness is not by the pound, or kilogram. Consciousness is like a traffic signal, it always works. Consciousness is not difficult, consciousness does not require a learning curve, consciousness does not require understanding.

Consciousness has limits like vision, but consciousness can see way the hell out. Consciousness is dimensional, consciousness is a thrill. Consciousness is a dawn like a new day. Consciousness is the familiar, or common. Consciousness is a quality, consciousness is blurry, consciousness is clear. Consciousness is automatic. Consciousness is nowhere to be seen.

Consciousness will lead you to the well, consciousness will keep you out of the well. You won’t worry about consciousness, you won’t lose consciousness, often. You won’t find consciousness under the door mat, or in the closet. You won’t see consciousness in yer choice of toothpaste, or toilet tissue. Consciousness is a good thing to have if you are driving a car, or flying an airplane, or reentering the Earth’s atmosphere.

Consciousness is considered, you acknowledge consciousness, you are drawn to consciousness, yer confident in consciousness. You can pride yerself on consciousness, you can possess consciousness for all the world to see, you can admire consciousness. Plainly, consciousness is user friendly, and will plug and play on most models.

All you can do is be understanding
and look the other way.