©Vince Pawless 2020

I’m not a realist, not a romanticist, not a hero, not a politician, not a first draft, not a good deal, not a good source of the news. Not a leader, not a follower, not a company man, not here for the music. Not here for the lecture, not here for screaming seminar. Not a beginner, not an old timer, not a child, not an also ran. Not a wisher, not a dreamer, not a dead weight, not a standard, not a boys regular, not one size fits all.

Not convenient, not easy, not even like-able sometimes. Not civil, not civilized, not interested. Not willing to contribute, not washed behind my ears. Not eloquent, not together, not turned on, not on top of it. Not down in the engine room, not in attendance, not at the front of the class. Not ahead of the curve, not dependable, not in control, not able to see around the corner.

Not able to see what’s in front of me. Not able to think of anything new, not able to keep the ball in play. Not leading the pack, not bringing up the rear, not even in the ballpark, not out of the ballpark. Not the lady’s pet, not the singer in the band, not a flat picker, not the teacher’s fav. Maybe not a lot of brains, not a lot of enthusiasm, not a lot belief, not a lot of fantasy…not a lot of regrets. Naw man, not a lot of nothing. I’m Vince.

If the shoe fits, buy both.