©Vince Pawless 2019

Love is economics, save some. Save often. Can you be saved? Do you even want to be saved? I would save you if it was the last thing I did on Earth. Sleep can’t be saved. Money doesn’t really care to be saved. You can’t save time in a bucket. The saving grace of yer benevolence, yer saving grace.

The endangered will be saved, the imperiled will be saved. The saved have been rescued, the saved have been liberated, the saved are joyous, the saved are grateful. If you can’t spend it, save it. Saving stamps, savings account, save it in a bank er a Presbyterian church. 

Save the whales, save the homeless, save the trees, save the living, save the children, save the politicians from themselves. Save them from us. If yer saved you’ve been delivered. If yer saved you’ve been sheltered. If yer saved you’ve been defended. If yer saved someone else is out of breath, er out of cigarettes. Naw man, don’t save that shit for me. You smoke it.

The smile in that photograph from the Culver Hotel saved me. Now, I’m gonna save you. Wanna see me do it again?

They been wailing on me,
but that soon comes to a halt.