©Vince Pawless 2019

Love is economics, save some. Save often. Can you be saved? Do you even want to be saved? I would save you if it was the last thing I did on Earth. Sleep can’t be saved. Money doesn’t really care to be saved. You can’t save time in a bucket. The saving grace of yer benevolence, yer saving grace.

The endangered will be saved, the imperiled will be saved. The saved have been rescued, the saved have been liberated, the saved are joyous, the saved are grateful. If you can’t spend it, save it. Saving stamps, savings account, save it in a bank er a Presbyterian church. 

Save the whales, save the homeless, save the trees, save the living, save the children, save the politicians from themselves. Save them from us. If yer saved you’ve been delivered. If yer saved you’ve been sheltered. If yer saved you’ve been defended. If yer saved someone else is out of breath, er out of cigarettes. Naw man, don’t save that shit for me. You smoke it.

The smile in that photograph from the Culver Hotel saved me. Now, I’m gonna save you. Wanna see me do it again?

They been wailing on me,
but that soon comes to a halt.


This piece was inspired by Soo Sunny Park’s sculpture ‘Unwoven Light,’ a commission of Rice University, Art Gallery, 2013. Thank you, Norie Guthrie.

It was a dragon. The short, stout, powerful legs spread wide apart like stanchions, claw footed into the smooth marble rock. They were sharp as razors like battle axes in the mud. The tail whipping back and forth like an angry dinosaur leading to the broad cloth over the belly of the beast. And the groaning weight of the towering wings waving into the sky. Graceful arcs spreading to the heavens, revealing not one writhing, fire breathing inferno on the scaled stalk of a neck, but two. A dragon.

The dragon of lust, the dragon of old, the dragon of antiquity, the dragon of the fairy tale, the dragon in the picture book. The dragon of yer imagination, the dragon that could fly. The dragon in the well, the dragon in the dark, the dragon in the cave. The dragon in the clouds, the dragon out of the mist, the dragon in the ocean, the dragon right behind you.
The dragon between you and the pot of gold. The dragon you deserved, the dragon that just came along for the ride. Them that think themselves dragons, but er no better than dragon fodder. The certain dragon, the wanna be dragons, the dragons that have no choice. The dragon on the hill, the dragon on the mountaintop, the dragon launching out of the sea.
The shadow of the dragon. The dragon looking over yer shoulder. The friendly dragon, the erudite dragon, the eloquent dragon, the wise dragon. The wanton dragon, deliberate and without provocation. The dragons that wouldn’t be dragons if it wasn’t for the despicable sons of bitches that keep them on a halter of thorns.

I just need to be one thing to you…something


©Vince Pawess 2019

Wordplay is essential, wordplay is a boon. Wordplay is therefore good. Wordplay is entertaining. Wordplay is powerful ju-ju. Wordplay is recollect-able. Wordplay will stick in your mind. Wordplay will change yer mind. Wordplay will define you. Wordplay can represent a period of time. Wordplay can represent a time of yer life. Wordplay is words you can live by. Wordplay will make you wear long hair. Wordplay will make you cut off yer hair. Wordplay is clever. Wordplay sets the pace. Wordplay influences decision. Wordplay is serious, aw come on.

Wordplay is laughable, Wordplay is almost anything you say. Wordplay is advertisement. Wordplay will pull yer leg. Wordplay is tomfoolery. Wordplay is a joke. Wordplay is a come on. Wordplay is a turn on. Wordplay is a reward for paying attention in the first place. Wordplay will make you buy a different kind of dog food. Wordplay implies. Wordplay suggests. Wordplay capitalizes on wordplay, the most popular form of flattery is plagiarism. And wordplay inspires wordplay further. Wordplay writes books, wordplay tells songs. Wordplay is the magic that keeps a writer interested, probably.

But, wordplay can be seen as devious and wordplay can be enraging. You see, wordplay can’t be held accountable, so after you hear a little wordplay there’s a lotta finger pointing about what that really meant. If anything at all.  Bottom line? Wordplay is everything.

Ain’t daring you to understand
me, I’m daring you to ignore me.