©Vince Pawless 2019

Create something from nothing, that’s art. Create something with nothing, that’s serendipity. Create something for nothing but creativity itself, that’s adventuresome like IMPROV. Create something that no one else ever did, that’s ingenious. Create something new, that’s ground breaking. Create something likable, that’s popular. Create the score and you’ve written an opera. Create the outline and you’ve written a book. Create the time and you’ve made room for tomorrow. Create the viewpoint and you have changed the world.

Create the space and you have room to change yer mind. Create the sky and you can fly. Create the sea and you can swim. Create the scene and you have written the screenplay. Create the screenplay and you have written a movie. Create the movie and they will come. Create the land and you can stride. Create a different way of looking at things and you can remake the planet. Create a rationale we all can recommend and you create freedom to go another way.

Simply put, if you create the list you can do a set, create the brushstrokes and you can paint, create the notes and you can write a song, create the words and you can write a poem to go with the song, create the chords and you can play the guitar, or the piano. Create the love and you can cook, create the love and you can smile, create the love and somebody else will admit to knowing you. Create nothing, now, that’s typical.

Itz not that you look good in high heels,
itz that you look good in nothing at all.