©Vince Pawless 2019

Jump start, jump ship, jump off the roof of the world. Jump stakes, jump bail, jump higher than you have before, er since. Jump out of an airplane, jump out of your skin, jump the hell out of the way. Jump over the moon, wanna see me do that again? Jump to attention, jump to conclusions, jump up off my ass. If you prance you jump, if you strut you jump, if you sashay you jump. If you swagger you jump.

Diving is jumping, springing is jumping, flying is jumping. You jump if you parachute, you jump if you flinch, you jump if you twitch. When you startle you jump, when you wince you jump. The price jumps, the thought jumps into yer head, if it balloons it jumps, in size, or shape. If it blows up it jumps, a leap is a jump, a jump is a leap. Leapfrog is a jump. Jump the queue, jump the fence, jump over. If you assault, or attack you jump. You can jump on it, you can jump off the wagon, you can jump to yer peril, you can jump to yer benefit, it all depends on when you hit the ground. If you pounce you jump, if you descend upon you jump.

Saw two guys jump an unsuspecting man in the parking lot. Jump at the opportunity. If you know someone in the biblical sense you jump. If you hop you jump, if you bobble you jump, if you seesaw you jump. If you waggle you jump, if you bounce you jump, if you jiggle you jump, if you joggle you jump. If you free fall you jump. Jump from a ledge into a pool of water, get a jump on yer competitors. Evolution is a jump, progress is a jump, metamorphosis is a jump, a turning point is a jump, an upheaval is a jump. After all this, don’t get comfortable the future is a jump, too.

Musings on a matchbook.