©Vince Pawless 2019

Magic trick, magic hat, magic wand, magic word, say the magic words, I Love You. An illusion is magic. Sleight of hand is magic. What is up yer sleeve is magic. What is behind yer back is magic, wanna see me pull a rabbit out of my hat? An incantation is magical, if itz supernatural itz magical. Magic can drive sickness from the body. A wizard of great magic, his recovery was magical. A mystical influence is magic. A magic charm, a magic amulet, a magic carpet, a magic man, a magical touch, a magical dream, a magical place to hide from the rest of the unimaginative world.

The magic of music, the magic spell, magic beauty, magic dances. To create as if by magic. Quasi magic, to fly as if by magic, magical thinking, magic bullet, magician with a magical flute. A magician with an attitude, a magician of great alchemy. Magic lantern, a magic mountain, a magic number, a triangle is a magic, a liquid is a magic, fire is a magic. Enchantment is magic, fortune telling is magic, hocus-pocus is magic, magnetism is magic. Magic is otherworldly.

Sleight of hand is magic, the prophecy was magic, the occult is magic. Soothsaying is magic, witchcraft is magic, voodoo is magic. Spellbinding magic, smoke and mirrors is magic, sorcery is magic. Otherworldly magical, telekinesis is magic. Magic can be spooky, magic can be uncanny, magic can be wonderful. Magic is for sorcerers, spellbinding magic, magic is miraculous. And just when I thought magic had no place in my sad, little world I find magic is for kids. I’m saved.

The trick is to use the conventions
in your work to create an interpretation
that is like no other.  That’s art.