©Vince Pawless 2019

We all need someone we can lean on. We all need a friend from time to time. Friends are rare, friends are far between, friends are fickle, friends are consumed with themselves. Friends are nowhere when you need them to be. The clear profundity of friends are nothing more than the boring acquaintances you thought they were. Friends are a waste of yer good time. Friends are in name only. Friends will betray your confidence, more than once at the worst of times. The only thing you have to know about friends like that is that won’t happen again.

Friends gather, friends coven, friends huddle like itz cold when itz summertime in Houston. Friends care and friends want to be counted as friends to someone, or something that is bigger than themselves. Or what they think is bigger, or what looks bigger than life itself like Facebook. Friends are the whole deal in social media. Personal advertisement to make their seeming lives glamorous. I remember when they only used to sell corn chips, cigarettes, and cars in the media. Friends are influential, friends are successful, friends are friends of someone else you wouldn’t have a prayer of meeting.

Friends judge, friends fall, friends fool around with other friends, friends can’t keep their Pecos in their pocket. Friends can be caught on the wrong side of town. On the other side of town those friends belong to someone else. Friends are funky, friends are fools, friends are waiting for something to happen. Stand behind your friends, know who yer friends are. Leave the bullshit by the side of the road. Do what you can for the few that are yer friends, and let the chips fall where they may.

It’s like a hurricane in here.