©Vince Pawless 2019

A boon is a compliment, a boon is a blessing, a boon is a gift. Boon companion, boon gig, boon time of year. Boon guitar, boon guitar player. The man in the boon, the baleful boon, don’t look now, but there is no boon, too many clouds. Boon deal, boon way of doing yer art, I just love IMPROV. A boon makes you feel good all over, so a boon is a giveaway, a boon is what you’d like to get when you least expect it.

Boon times, boon lovers, boon way of life. Boon for me? You bet, thanx a boodle. How ‘bout a boon for you? I’ll take two. A boon is a godsend like a good fortune. Like a good deal from out of nowhere, a boon is a windfall. A boon is commendable, a boon is capital, a boon is morally excellent. A boon is satisfactory in quality, and degree. A boon is honorable and worthy. A boon is educated and refined. A boon is genuine. A boon is highly regarded. A boon is highly sought. A boon is something to be thankful for. A boon is something that is asked like a favor sought. A boon can be given voluntarily.

A boon can be coaxed, a boon can be the result of nothing good at all. Yin, yang, up, down, good, bad, black, white. Hang in there. A boon is something bestowed, a boon is something given. A boon is something acquired without any particular effort by the recipient. A boon is a total gift. A boon can be right place, right time. A boon is a special ability like saying the right thing at the right time.

But, a boon can never show. You can be boonless despite the best of yer efforts. Now, it can be a boonless situation and there will be nothing in this bad, old world you can do about it, till you do something about it. Boon luck.

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