©︎Vince Pawless 2019

Sex is lovely, sex is the desired effect. Sex is always had by others that don’t give a rat’s ass about sex. Sex is under appreciated, sex is ignored, sex is one of the last places in line, because sex is steamy. Sex is honestly. Sex is under the covers, sometimes. Sex is in a cab, sex is in a horny lawyer, or doctor’s office. Sex is in a place you might never have supposed.

Sex is on a park bench, sex is at an amusement Park. Sex is inconvenient, sex is right place, right time. Sex is misunderstood. Sex is never where you want it to be, sex never happens when you want it to. Sex is lost in a shuffle of moralistic bullshit. Sex is confused, but so was your mother. If you weren’t just a little sexy why would I want a thing in the world to do with you, because the predicament of love is just a hollow oath without the comfort, and togetherness of a healthy sex life.

Yer want-able if yer sexy, yer valuable if you are sexy, yer noteworthy if you are sexy, yer sexy if you are sexy. Yer not necessarily sexy if yer good looking, yer sexy if yer sexy. Sex is long, sex is short, sex is good, sex is bad. But sex is way better than what comes in second. Sex is like a bank account, you never have enough and you can’t qualify for a loan.

Tell her how it’s cold and lonely
when you see my “X”. Tell her she can
save her tears and hold her pity,
until she’s seen my next.