©Vince Pawless 2019

The divine complication, the divine hour, the divine thought. Divine intention, divine action, divine result, divine way. Divine look. If you would allow me, you look divine. The divining rod, the divine path, the divine trail, the divine compliment, the off handed compliment. The divine treatment, the divine palace, the divine hovel. The divine deception, the divine moment, the divine music in yer ear. The divine procession, the divine costumes, the divine makeup. The divine sky, the divine clouds, the divine cities under the sun, the divine armies buried here.

The divine consideration, the divine sympathies, the divine giving, the divine charity. Divine freedom, divine completion, divine conclusion, divine comedies. The angelic divine, the anointed divine, gloriously divine, the divine mind, divine right of kings. The diviner’s wand, magnificently divine, spiritually divine, splendidly divine. The unearthly divine, the supposed divine, the perceived divine, the understood divine. The divine woman, the divine man, the divine children of the divine.

The divine exaltation, the divine relief. The divine landscape, the divine order, the divine wilderness. Divine size, divine togetherness. The divine of the dastardly, the divine thief. The divination in the supernatural, the divine insight, the divine answer, the divine question, the divine supreme. Blissfully divine, immaculately divine, rapturously divine, the ambrosia of the divine. The godlike divine, celestially divine, the divine universe of concept. Namaste, the divine in me honors the divine in you.

So, is it hotter in Houston
or, in the summertime?