©Vince Pawless 2019

We all need someone we can lean on. We all need a friend from time to time. Friends are rare, friends are far between, friends are fickle, friends are consumed with themselves. Friends are nowhere when you need them to be. The clear profundity of friends are nothing more than the boring acquaintances you thought they were. Friends are a waste of yer good time. Friends are in name only. Friends will betray your confidence, more than once at the worst of times. The only thing you have to know about friends like that is that won’t happen again.

Friends gather, friends coven, friends huddle like itz cold when itz summertime in Houston. Friends care and friends want to be counted as friends to someone, or something that is bigger than themselves. Or what they think is bigger, or what looks bigger than life itself like Facebook. Friends are the whole deal in social media. Personal advertisement to make their seeming lives glamorous. I remember when they only used to sell corn chips, cigarettes, and cars in the media. Friends are influential, friends are successful, friends are friends of someone else you wouldn’t have a prayer of meeting.

Friends judge, friends fall, friends fool around with other friends, friends can’t keep their Pecos in their pocket. Friends can be caught on the wrong side of town. On the other side of town those friends belong to someone else. Friends are funky, friends are fools, friends are waiting for something to happen. Stand behind your friends, know who yer friends are. Leave the bullshit by the side of the road. Do what you can for the few that are yer friends, and let the chips fall where they may.

It’s like a hurricane in here.


©Vince Pawless 2019

A boon is a compliment, a boon is a blessing, a boon is a gift. Boon companion, boon gig, boon time of year. Boon guitar, boon guitar player. The man in the boon, the baleful boon, don’t look now, but there is no boon, too many clouds. Boon deal, boon way of doing yer art, I just love IMPROV. A boon makes you feel good all over, so a boon is a giveaway, a boon is what you’d like to get when you least expect it.

Boon times, boon lovers, boon way of life. Boon for me? You bet, thanx a boodle. How ‘bout a boon for you? I’ll take two. A boon is a godsend like a good fortune. Like a good deal from out of nowhere, a boon is a windfall. A boon is commendable, a boon is capital, a boon is morally excellent. A boon is satisfactory in quality, and degree. A boon is honorable and worthy. A boon is educated and refined. A boon is genuine. A boon is highly regarded. A boon is highly sought. A boon is something to be thankful for. A boon is something that is asked like a favor sought. A boon can be given voluntarily.

A boon can be coaxed, a boon can be the result of nothing good at all. Yin, yang, up, down, good, bad, black, white. Hang in there. A boon is something bestowed, a boon is something given. A boon is something acquired without any particular effort by the recipient. A boon is a total gift. A boon can be right place, right time. A boon is a special ability like saying the right thing at the right time.

But, a boon can never show. You can be boonless despite the best of yer efforts. Now, it can be a boonless situation and there will be nothing in this bad, old world you can do about it, till you do something about it. Boon luck.

Home is where the
word processor is.


©︎Vince Pawless 2019

Sex is lovely, sex is the desired effect. Sex is always had by others that don’t give a rat’s ass about sex. Sex is under appreciated, sex is ignored, sex is one of the last places in line, because sex is steamy. Sex is honestly. Sex is under the covers, sometimes. Sex is in a cab, sex is in a horny lawyer, or doctor’s office. Sex is in a place you might never have supposed.

Sex is on a park bench, sex is at an amusement Park. Sex is inconvenient, sex is right place, right time. Sex is misunderstood. Sex is never where you want it to be, sex never happens when you want it to. Sex is lost in a shuffle of moralistic bullshit. Sex is confused, but so was your mother. If you weren’t just a little sexy why would I want a thing in the world to do with you, because the predicament of love is just a hollow oath without the comfort, and togetherness of a healthy sex life.

Yer want-able if yer sexy, yer valuable if you are sexy, yer noteworthy if you are sexy, yer sexy if you are sexy. Yer not necessarily sexy if yer good looking, yer sexy if yer sexy. Sex is long, sex is short, sex is good, sex is bad. But sex is way better than what comes in second. Sex is like a bank account, you never have enough and you can’t qualify for a loan.

Tell her how it’s cold and lonely
when you see my “X”. Tell her she can
save her tears and hold her pity,
until she’s seen my next.


©Vince Pawless 2019

The divine complication, the divine hour, the divine thought. Divine intention, divine action, divine result, divine way. Divine look. If you would allow me, you look divine. The divining rod, the divine path, the divine trail, the divine compliment, the off handed compliment. The divine treatment, the divine palace, the divine hovel. The divine deception, the divine moment, the divine music in yer ear. The divine procession, the divine costumes, the divine makeup. The divine sky, the divine clouds, the divine cities under the sun, the divine armies buried here.

The divine consideration, the divine sympathies, the divine giving, the divine charity. Divine freedom, divine completion, divine conclusion, divine comedies. The angelic divine, the anointed divine, gloriously divine, the divine mind, divine right of kings. The diviner’s wand, magnificently divine, spiritually divine, splendidly divine. The unearthly divine, the supposed divine, the perceived divine, the understood divine. The divine woman, the divine man, the divine children of the divine.

The divine exaltation, the divine relief. The divine landscape, the divine order, the divine wilderness. Divine size, divine togetherness. The divine of the dastardly, the divine thief. The divination in the supernatural, the divine insight, the divine answer, the divine question, the divine supreme. Blissfully divine, immaculately divine, rapturously divine, the ambrosia of the divine. The godlike divine, celestially divine, the divine universe of concept. Namaste, the divine in me honors the divine in you.

So, is it hotter in Houston
or, in the summertime?