©Vince Pawless 2019

Bank on it, you can take that to the bank. Bank yer savings, bank yer talent, save it up for a rainy day. Bank on me being there, bank on me doing what I say I’m gonna do. Banks create money from nofuckingwhere. They bank somebody else’s winnings, then charge them interest on their money to make the bank more money before they charge them to take the money back out. What a rip. Then again, if you knew how the investor made their money you wouldn’t have any sympathy for them. You sound like a bank.

The bank is closed for the holidaze. The bank is closed because you need it to be open, wouldn’t you just know. A spell came over the banks, the banks are a giant with feet of clay. Bank yer paycheck, bank the extra. No extra? Bank it next week. There’s gold in them there banks. If you can bank it you can sock it away, you can salt it away for another day. When you bank itz collateral for something else. Yer bank is yer stash. And it could be underneath the bed. You can lay it away, so to speak.

A bank is a counting house, a bank is the closest thing to a Presbyterian church. Yer money is safe if itz in a bank, ask the short sellers. A bank is full of people’s savings. And though every bank has credit, a bank is full of profitablity. A bank is full of shit. And every bank has a vault full of shit. And finally, every bank is moving to the blockchain, so much for the vault.

Summon a little charismatic wildness.