©Vince Pawless 2019

Explosion, big explosion, loud explosion. A Big Bang like a backfire. Exploding buildings, exploding planets like a Death Star. The smoke from the explosion, the ring in yer ears from the explosion. The explosion that leveled the city around. Not an explosion, an implosion. The explosion at the blast furnace, the explosion at the nuclear facility, the explosion on the boat, the explosion on the ship, the explosion in the explosives magazine. Prevent the explosion if you can, ignore the explosion if you will. The explosion of ideas, the explosion of words, managing an explosion like IMPROV.

An explosion like a clap of thunder, a detonation like an explosion. The explosion of notes on a piano like Rob Schwimmer. The explosion was a blowout under a geyser of water. An explosion like a roar, an explosion like a concussion. The report of the explosion, the ignition of the explosion, the aftermath of the explosion. The victims of the explosion, those responsible for the explosion. If itz a big enough explosion how do you tell the difference? I wouldn’t be so cavalier with that damn explosive, it might just explode.

Point that gun somewhere else, would ya. Shape charge explosives, war time explosives, peaceful easy explosives, an explosion like a sunrise. Unanticipated explosion. It just exploded, don’t ask me. Like a fireworks stand, like a gun emplacement, like a writer working with his head down. Explode, exploding, explosive, explosively, explosiveness, exploding rivet, exploding top hat. Like Berkeley said, “it wasn’t how loud the explosion was underground. It was how the ground all around raised up and fell back like a pebble into a pond.”

Where I been and how I got here
is like following the flight of a bird.