©Vince Pawless 2019

Lie to me, don’t give me that shit, lie to me. The innocent lie, the bald faced lie, the brazen lie, the honest lie. The lie you can believe in, the lie that stays with you. The lie that pisses you off, the lie that just about anyone would know. The lie before the truth, the truth before the lie, which is which? Does it matter? A good story is a good story.

Better that than another boring rendition of the same old stuff. The lie was what everyone was waiting for, “I never had sexual relations with that woman.” Now, that’s a good one. The believable lie, the publicist’s lie, the conventional lie. Lying in bed, lying around the shack. Lying is more fun than telling the truth to people that would just as soon as lie to you as tell the truth. The backbiting lie, the deceitful lie, the lie in the explanation, the whopper of a lie, the scale of the lie, the breadth of the lie, the importance of the lie, the insignificance of the lie, the lie on the lie, the lie over the lie, lie after lie, the lie in the tall tale, it all was a lie, but when did the lie stop? I see, it never stops.

The slanderous lie. The lie was a distortion. The lie in the rose colored glasses. The lie in the business suit. The lie was a fabrication, had to pay a lot of people to get that kind of lie. Yer not a liar as much as you write fiction well, Bravo!

Let your first invention be yourself.