©Vince Pawless 2019

Don’t just stand there, do something. Or get outta the way. If you don’t do something about it things will never change. You’re part of the solution if you just do something about it. Doing something about it tells a lot about you. Doing nothing tells something, too. If you could would you do something about it?

I would like to think if the shit hit the fan I would just naturally do something about it. If I didn’t, my mother would slap my ass. I would like to think if the shit hit the fan you would do something about it, too. So much for supposing what someone else would do about it, or not. Maybe someday someone will do something about that, too.

Doing something about it enhances your self esteem. Doing something about it helps others trust there are good people out there that would do something about it if they found something lacking, or if they saw someone hurting. So this is the bottom line, do something about what you can do something about.

Wilder yesterday, wiser today.
I just slowed down to get a better look.