©Jerry Walsh 2019

Keeping it together. When I didn’t have two dimes to rub together it was peace of mind to be able to keep it together. Sometimes I was out of my mind keeping it together. Keeping it together was essential to being out of my mind till the drug wore off. When I thought I was the most together person in the room I had to keep it together just to be heard in the crowd of cocker spaniels. Man, what a noisy vacuum. You don’t even have to hold your breath. That’s a lot of nothing at all.

If you couldn’t keep it together you were not welcome to hang around. When I was just trying to keep it together sometimes the wheel came off the wagon despite my best efforts. Here’s a hint, it’s only together as the least together of you. If you couldn’t keep it together you went home and worked out on whatever it was till you could comb your hair, dress up in the threads, and put on the air of arrogance it took to make it look together as hell.

When I wasn’t good enough to even be on the bill keeping it together was all I had to take home from the gig. But after a time even that was in the rear view mirror. Keeping it together is habit forming. Thank goodness. Keeping it together zounds easy, but it’s not. Keeping it together is hard to do, but easier than you think. “sun so hot I froze to death”… this zounds like a cacophony of contradiction because it is. Maybe that’s part of the thrill of keeping it together in the first place.

You can take pride in keeping it together. You can take comfort in keeping it together. You’re doing your part when you keep it together. You’re showing others the way when you keep it together. You’re on top of the world when you keep it together. You’re leading the pack when you keep it together. If you can’t even be on time you can keep it together. And if it isn’t good enough for whomever, at least you can keep it together. People like you because you’ll keep it together around them. And If everything goes to hell in a handbag, at least, you can keep it together enough to keep it together.

No god.
No politics.
Noo problem.