©Vince Pawless 2019

It’z a thing of beauty. She is a thing of beauty. The hillside is beautiful, the mountain is beautiful, the sky is beautiful. The trip is beautiful, the city by the bay is beautiful, the city in the desert is beautiful. Everywhere I look is beautiful. The flower is beautiful, the vase you put the flowers in is beautiful. The paintings my guitar maker does are beautiful. Beautiful sculpture, beautiful way of looking at the world. Beautiful prose, beautiful poetry, beautiful music. Beautiful end to a beautiful complication. 

The search for beauty, the struggle the writer endures to make something beautiful out of something plain like the truth. Beautiful design, beautiful result. Beauty launches fleets, beauty christens ships, beauty wages wars. Beauty stops the bullshit, beauty starts the dialogue, beauty is stunning. Beauty is a movement in the Star Spangled Banner. The beauty in the window, welcome to Amsterdam. The horse is beautiful, the horseman rides beautifully. The bull is beautiful, ask Ginger. Beautiful ranch, beautiful circumstance, beautiful night sky from there. 

Beautiful effort, ravishingly beautiful, shapely and beautiful, splendidly beautiful. Beautiful beginning to the rest of the world. Beautiful time, beautiful place, beautiful hour of the day. Beautiful darkness, beautiful morning, beautiful color against all the beautiful colors, which one is beautiful to you? Y’know somewhere out there is a beautiful girl with beautiful thoughts about you. If you can’t see that itz beautiful, perhaps you’re not looking. Now, tell me there’s not something beautiful about a little of every screaming thing in this ugly old world.

What she gives me is better than a pony.