©︎Vince Pawless 2019

Keep calm, carry on. Calm in the eye of the storm, were that it was always this way. Calm seas. Calm doctor, good bedside manner. Calm down, calm winds, calm weather. Calm attitude, calming skies, calming voice, calming demeanor. Calm day under the sun. Calm waters. Becalmed, be glad yer not pissed off about anything this moment. That’s why they call them moments. Peaceful calm, breezeless calm, bucolic calm. Harmonious calm, hushed calm, aloof calm, cool headed calm. 

Dispassionate calm, imperturbable calm, laid back kinda calm. If yer stoned yer calm, if yer levelheaded yer calm. Poised calm, relaxed calm, serene calm, unmoved, and calm, in a hush of the calm. The piece of mind in a calm, the peacefulness of calm, the stillness of calm. When you are becalmed you are dead in the water. Calm like a balm, pacified by calm, stands to reason. The quiet of calm, the sound of calm, a breathless calm, the love of calm, the soothing calm, the deserved calm, wish it would never end. At peace with calm, this’ll take some getting used to. Simmer down big fella, and be calm.

How far is far? Way far. How far
is good? This far. How far is better?
That far. How far is enough? No such thing.
How far is too much? That’s far enough.