©Vince Pawless 2019

Lost to the world. Lost, and not found. Lost to me is how the lives of friends go. Lost dog, lost cat, lost goldfish, lost elephant, that won’t be hard to find. Lost wallet, lost car, lost key, lost girlfriend, a joke Townes used to tell. Lost cause, lost generation, lost colony. Lost out, lost river, lost wax process, lost touch, lost feel, lost your number, Rats! Lost, but not as lost as you. Lost, but found eventually. Lost, but loster, but lostest. I don’t think those are words, but who knows. 

Lost in line, what have you lost? Lost in the order. Lost to them that think they know it all. Never been lost, never knew we were lost, lost in the woods, lost on the mountaintop, lost in the caldera of a volcano. Lost in the crowd, lost in the parking lot, lost in the theatre. Lost in the shuffle, out here where the street hits the sky. Lost because I forgot my cellphone. Never ever lost, never knowing that you could be lost. The army was lost, the band for the party was lost in Leuwarden. 

Even sitting in a cab we were lost. Are you lost? Lost the thread, lost the handle, lost the idea, lost the way home, lost and forgotten. I may not know where I am, but at least I’m not lost. Find the lost penny, find the lost inspiration, driving down the lost highway, the lost pirate man of war disappearing into the fog. The lost of the Mohicans. My friend got lost, your relatives were lost trying to find your house. 

Lost track of the time, lost track of who we were, lost track of the day. Lost track of the count, how many strikes? Lost mine, lost yours. Lost city in the jungle, lost city in the Yucatán, lost temple in the city, lost ship on the ocean, lost airplane in the sky, Emilia Earhart. Lost direction, lost the way home, lost symphony, lost movement, lost from the beginning. Lost painting, ask the Nazis. Lost, but not least, lost house on the right.

I rest so poorly that if I died in
my sleep it’d probably wake me up.