©︎Vince Pawless 2019

Be quiet, go quietly, quiet as a mouse. The snowfall was quiet, the quiet in the air, the rain fell quietly. I thought you would be quiet. If you can’t be quiet, if you can’t be silent, then beat it. You don’t know the first thing about being quiet, shut the fuck up. I’d say you should have to listen to yourself, but that’s not near quiet enough.

If you could just be quiet. Wading through the quiet, the time was quiet, the noise was quiet, whimperingly quietly, the only quiet in the room. Just sit there and be quiet, stone quiet, deafeningly quiet, startlingly quiet, uncharacteristically quiet, unpredictably quiet, annoyingly quiet, anything, but quiet. Have you ever been quiet? Being quiet should be a law. Do you ever intend to be quiet? If you’re quiet, or if you’re not, the bliss of the following quiet is a repayment for investing the time in your viewpoint.

Quiet mumbling of the crowd, quiet time, quiet moment, quiet song, quiet desire, quiet about it, quiet in-spite of it. The quiet in her voice. A quiet town, a quiet ocean, a quiet beach, a quiet answer, a quiet guitar, a quiet wind, a quiet blue. The quiet in a thought. How quiet it was, quietly wishing, quietly working, quietly wanting. How quiet it could be, when the band stopped the quiet was a reward. The quiet in the forest, the quiet in the woods, the quiet was enveloping like the branches of the trees. The quiet was far away like the wind above the clouds.

Quiet was all that I wanted, quiet was all I got. A place for quiet, the crowd was quiet. A quiet time, a quiet house, a quiet dream. A quiet determination, a quiet resolve, a quiet anger, a quiet objection, a quiet retort. A quiet person, a quiet picture, a quiet painting, a quiet answer, a quiet book, a quiet bomb, a quiet opinion. A quiet fish, quiet like the bubbles in the sea. A quiet fever, a quiet rustling, a quiet recollection. The quiet of the vacuum surrounding the planet. The quiet music, the quiet down the hall, the quiet in her voice. A quiet came over the room, an over-whelming quiet, as I’m standing quietly where it was plain, old quiet…people are uneasy with silence, they don’t know what they’re missing.

In another part of town the
outlaws are the good guys.