©Vince Pawless 2019

The only way to end this conversation is to leave. The only way to end this communication is to leave. The only way to end this infatuation… The only way to stop the bullshit is to walk away. The only one among the many, I only wanted for you to like me. You only wanted to follow some one else around. If I could only fly, if I could only get the hell outta here. If I could only start all over again. Only the lonely, only the few, only the lot of them. 

The only way to help is leave it damn well alone. The hardest thing to do… The only child, the only book, the only guitar, the only way of doing anything. The only road outta town, the only road inta town, the only girl for me. The only view other than first is of someone’s rosy ass. The only band you listen to in all the musics of the world. 

I only want the best for you. I’m only interested in your best. They’re only interested in getting by. My only interest is in staying a considerable distance away. Do yourself a favor, your only interest should be staying considerably away. Get it together. Only child, only girl, only one, only other one, only kind, only style, the one and only. The only way, the other way, another way, not today, but maybe not manana either. 

There’s no imperative you have to come ahead of the pack. You only have to stay out of the teeth of the lead dog. You will be enlightened for the experience. Now, should I be exhaustingly honest, the only reason to break a sweat is to stay out of the way of the herd.

I did it for a song.
And I’d do it again.