© Vince Pawless 2019

Make believe is a castle in the air, make believe is whimsy, make believe is a flight of fancy, an apparition, a pretend, ju-ju, voodoo. Make believe is wool gathering. Make believe is pie in the sky. Make believe is a fantasy, make believe is a fondness for phantasy. Make believe is creativity, daydream, imagination, fantasia, a head trip, chimera, hocus-pocus between your ears, mirage, a fools paradise, star gazing, illusion. Make believe is a figment, or perhaps an hallucination. Make believe can be a delusion, or a pipe dream. 

If you believe this then you’ll make believe anything. But, are you a believer? Who make believes this shit? Does your make believe stand in the way of your understanding? Do you have to make believe every time, or is it an option? Maybe you would believe if I encouraged you make believe. Maybe not. Y’know, they’ll do it just because you tell them not to. It was only make believe. I bet you wouldn’t, even if you could make believe. Make believe is your own little world, it’s your only way outta here. It’s a place where no one goes, but you. It’s a whole world make believable. They say make believe is just for kids. No creative person ever believed that. Make believe is the most fun of fiction till the ficton is a fact. 

So make believe is different from reality.  But make believe and reality can be the same. They can look the same, but they don’t have to. What is, one day, make believe is on another day reality. Ask a computer company. Make believe and reality can accomplish the same things, but in their own way. If there’s one there’s the other, like two ends of a walking staff. Both ends will get you there. Make believe, and reality might not stride that road quite the same way, but they might both come around to the same conclusion.

I was a kid even after I had wrinkles
on my face, then I was just an ugly kid.