3 is lucky, 3 is like triangles, 3 is points for shots you sink in basketball.  3 is suspicious. 3 is mis-understood. 3 is odd. 3 of anything just never did fit. 3 of anything is several in synonym speak. 3 is fashionable, 3 is sexy, 3 is bargain basement incentive. 

3 is better than two by one. One, and one, and one is 3. 3 is counted. 3 is bought. 3 is thrown like newspapers. Good toss. 3 will leave you hauling an extra if you only need two, but 3 just won’t get it if you need four. 3 for the price of one. 

3 is the number of pumpkins on a fence. 3 is the bevy of biscuits on your plate. 3 is more enchiladas than you can eat, or not. 3 is tacos from the drive-in restaurant. 3 is donuts for you, and the boys. 3 is scoops of ice cream in a bowl. 3 is the number of meatballs in a spaghetti. 3 is the number of Matzos in a soup. 

The 3 of a writer is, you tell ’em, you tell ’em, and you tell ’em again. 3 is not equal, 3 is not bilateral, 3 is the number of gloved fingers on a cartoon character mouse. 3 is not opposable like thumbs. 3 is a preponderance of ones. 3 is a collection of t-shirts, or underwear, or socks. You won’t often find 3 in ski poles, or contact lenses, or tires for the wheels of yer car. You won’t find 3 of much of anything on the wings of a jet airplane. You won’t find 3 on the tracks of a coal train. You won’t find 3 on the turn signals of yer car. 

3 is the number of eyes on a spider.  3 makes a phalanx of birds in the sky. 3 is an extra. 3 is a bonus. 3 isn’t everything, but it’s more than two. 3s isn’t better, it’s just greater than two. 3 is the number of legs on an alien. 3 is the number of eyeballs on a monster from outta town. 3 is the number of teeth in a boxer’s mouth. 3 is the number of strikes, and yer…out!

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