Showpiece, show up, show well, show low, show biz, show and tell. Show the way, show me the way, don’t let it show, don’t let yer slip show, show a little skirt. Show them how to do it, show as you go, show them off, sheaunuff. Show down, show yer stuff, show ‘em, show ‘em how it’s done, show ‘em the real deal, the show must go on.

Stop the show, start the show, show what you know, show everything, show the beginning, show the end, the funny show, the serious show, a drama, the crux of the show, the whole show, the point of the show, the intent of the show, the failing of the show. Shortsighted show, the same old show, the forgettable show, short the show, the long winded show, the bore of a show, the show was boring, the show was over before we got there.

Shogun, show, but don’t tell, the showing, show stopper, show me state, show me how, show them, show others, show ‘em whether they wanna know, or not. The appearance of a show, the kind of show, the fanfare of the show, the pageantry of the show, showboat, show town. Show me to my room, let me show you what I mean, show me, the experiment showed, the thermometer showed, show the house, show yer feelings, show mercy.

A theatrical production is a show, a performance is a show, a radio, or television program is a show, a motion picture is a show, third place is a show, a spectacle is a show. The parade was designed to show off all the latest, make the show, steal the show, run the show, out shown, pre show, re show, super show, my show, show again, show at all, show up, show off.

The exposition was a show, the fanfare of a show, the pomp of the show, a burlesque show, a carnival is a show, a comedy is a show. White shows up well on a background of blue. The air of the show, the impact of a show, the effect of the show, a show of make believe, a show of hands, a show to remember, a show to forget, the show was a pretense, the show was a tale, the show was a sham, the show wasn’t what it was cracked up to be, the show stops here.

The show was in Hollywood, the show was in Santa Monica, the show was in trouble, the show was late, the show was early, the early show, the late show, the show after City Limits. The show after the farm report, six o’clock Sunday morning. The only show that would have you, the only show in town, the Orange show, the show out the Gulf Freeway.

The flimflam was for show, her smile was for show, she was the show, showtime, the house was unshowable, no show, showing him what to do was difficult. Win, place, or show, horror show, comedy show, the star of the show, the butt of the conversation, a music show, a tired old show. A show Shakespeare wrote, I memorized the show, he took over the show, she was the show, wasn’t a show without her, to be part of the show, write that kind of a show, the standard show, the show you’ve seen a thousand times, the show you only saw once. I couldn’t stand the show, I couldn’t hear the show, I couldn’t understand the show, we couldn’t stop the show.

Showtown, showbill, showcase, show cause, showed up, but the show must go on, don’t tell me, it was all for show. Show how you feel, show how you get on, show how you get off, show your love, show your appreciation. Show your disgust, show your hand, don’t show your hand, make up your mind, have more than you show. Show more, show all, showing all you have might not be enough, the show stops here, at the end of the show, as the show begins, as the show developers, when the show was over.

When the show was worth listening to, when the show becomes part of your life, when the show becomes part of your soul, when the show means everything, when the show means a lot, if the show ever comes back I’m gonna be there. I saw the show last year, I saw the show again, maybe the show is too deep for you, maybe the show left you far behind.

Life is a show, tickets to the show, seats to the show, the drive to the show, the walk to the show, the cover charge to the show. Show’s over, show’s on, show’s on its way out the door, show’s for folks like you, the show’s over their heads, the show is beyond reach. The show won’t quit, the show will never be over, the show won’t wait for you to get it together, the show is a drug and you can’t get enough of it.

A good show, you can do a show in the shower, you can do a show on a stage, you can do a show at your job when the boss ain’t looking, yer show can be a job and the boss can go to hell. You can do a show in your sleep, you can write a show when you are driving across Texas because a show is a desire. A show is a complication, a show is an ability, and there’s just nothing better than when the show is over and you’re off stage.

The same old show, the same old show with a different title, pay the writers more. It’s showtime in showville, where show people make show zounds for the showtypes that wait in showlines for the first seats in the house. It’s all for show, lemme show you what I mean, the show begins when you are young and ambitious, though the show is better the more time you put into the show.

So like I said, the show never ends, you’ll grow old writing the ongoing show. If the show stops write another one, and the ride never stops. But you can forget shows, and you can find shows under your hat. The show is an obsession, the show is revealing, the show says a lot about the person, or persons that write it. The show tells a tale, the show gives you a feel, the show can be full of moralisms, the show can be full of truth, the show can be full of nonsense, the show can be full of innocence, the show can make no sense, but that never stopped anyone from writing a show. Anyway if it doesn’t make any sense, who cares?

You don’t write a show with an audience in mind, everyone outside my door is an audience if they don’t have a part in the show. Victims of the show, you write a show to tell it like it is, or could be, or will never be. A show is an illumination, a show is novel, a show is the best of your thoughts with the best of the tools you have taught yourself to use. A show might surprise, a show might entertain, a show might change your mind. You will pursue a show till its eventual end, you will sweat the show till you love the show, but you can’t expect it will affect anyone else.

One man’s show is another man’s waste of time. The show says nothing, the show is a signpost, the show is a way to get out of doing that shit eating job. The show won’t, but the show will, the show doesn’t, but the show does, a good show will make you famous, a bad show will make you famous, what price fame, what’s the diff?

The show at the theatre, the show at the concert hall, the show at the club, the show on the corner. The show under the lights, the show under the rug, the show at the joint, the sideshow at the show. Don’t tell me what you mean, show me what you mean. The acoustic show, the awful show, the show without a headliner, the show without a band.

The only show, the big show beneath the big top, a three ring circus, the car show, the stand up show. The right show, the wrong show, the show on top of the mountain, the show under the sea, the show you can’t believe, the show you can’t remember. The library show, the show before the sun goes down, the first set, Uhhh!

The show I couldn’t get a booking for, the show you’d like to play, the popular show, the variety show. I couldn’t watch the show, I couldn’t stand the show. The elephant in the show, the midget in the show, the show stops here, the only show I could afford, so show me, so show me how, so show me everything, show me what matters.

A show is not a show unless there is a maiden that needs rescuing, a show is not a show unless there is a sugar daddy that pays for the whole enchilada, a show is not a show unless there is a villain that makes trouble for the good guys, a show is not a show unless there is a comedian that gets away.

A show is a trick of the light, a show is a bravado, a show is a lucky break, a show is a put on, a show is an approximation, a show is a folly, a show is a hairstyle, a show is a room full of mirrors, a show is a coven of cocker spaniels licking their rears. A show is a collaboration, a show is an authorship, a show is a wardrobe, a show is a shot in the dark, a show is a scheme, a show is luck, a show only happens when the sugar daddy says it will.

You can round up cattle and call it a show, you can fire up the tractor and call it a show, you can pour on the coal and call it a show, you can just do your job and call it a show, you can quit your job and call it a show. Show me the light, show me the money, show me the way outta here, show me the way into your heart, show me where it hurts, it’s killing me. Show me what to do, show me if I can help, show me, show me before you show someone else, the popular show, the late night show, a three alarm show, fire is a show. There’s no time wasted watching a fire.