Things that bug you, the things that annoy you. The things that you left on the table. The thing about it is, the thing I just can’t get across. The thing that made a difference, the things that make a difference. If things were equal, if things were the same. This thing, that thing, those things, things that make you smile, things that make you happy, things that piss you off, things that pass you by.

Things could be better, though things are just fine. Things change, the constant of the universe, things don’t stay the same. Things make it difficult to do other things. The thing I can’t figure, the thing we all took for granted. When things are the same, when things are only, when things are across town from you, when things are working against you, when things don’t go your way, when things are running away from you, when things are off the wall, when things are out of control. If things escape you find another way. If things don’t do what you want. Live with it till you can make a change, things don’t run your life, you do.

Things don’t hold sway over you, things can’t keep you down, things are what bother other people. Things can get dicey, things can get out of hand, things can get away from you, things are just that, things. The only thing stopping me from punching you in the mouth. The thing that makes it so real, the thing I wanna say. What is that thing? Good at making things.

Avoid fatty things like donuts and potato chips, respect living things, a miraculous thing. It was the worst thing that could happen. The common thing to do, the best thing to do, the only thing to do. I wasn’t thinking of a thing, I wouldn’t know a thing, don’t make a thing out of it, it was nothing, but they said it was something, so I gave it my everything. I gave it my all. Anything would do, anything would get it, anything you could do would be appreciated, anything you could say would help us out, any one thing, anything at all, what is that thing on the floor?

A miraculous thing, a dumb thing, the most beautiful thing, the whole thing, are your things packed? Such a thing, this sort of thing, a thing, or two, you did the right thing, grab your things I’ve come to take you home. Check every little thing, things are improving, a terrible thing, the only thing, expect great things, not a thing to wear, not a thing to depend on, not a thing, get that thing away from me.

What a thing to say, what a thing to think about, bring that thing over here. The one thing is, the one thing I hate is being lied to, and another thing is, get back up on that damned thing. Anything but, anything goes, anything I say. Anything he says is good for me, plaything, that thing, that thingamabob, that thing that nobody mentions, that thing that got put away, those things, things that resonate, things that go bump in the night.

Wild thing you make my heart sing. Things around the ranch, the things that matter, the things that won’t make a difference, the things that will make a difference. Things no one knew were there, this sort of thing, that sort of thing, may even be a good thing, a powerful thing, a standard thing, that thing has no handles. The thing that came out of the sky, the monster from out of town.

A thing, or two, the first thing that pops into you mind. How do you work this thing? Expect great things, every little thing, just the thing, not a thing, nothing at all, music is my thing, words are my thing, how do I use that thing? Many things, the thing about it is, build things, the thing, do their own thing, the thing is to get well, the writer’s thing. Check everything, couldn’t get a thing out of him, that thing was impossible, that thing was far and away. All things being equal, this kind of thing happens all the time.

The first thing I bought, a precious thing, hide things, among the things, the most important thing, things I have to do, a lot of things, this kind of thing. Rest assured, you won’t feel a thing. Do such a thing, done such a thing, the same thing, the same old thing, the stupid things? Finally seeing things, the one thing, there are some things, things that don’t matter, things that won’t make a difference.

Worrying about things, better things to do, better things to say. Such a thing, one, or two other things, use these things, kind of things, it is one thing to make a plan and quite another to carry it out. One thing I’ve always wanted, taking all things into consideration. The last thing I need right now is something else to worry about. Things change from time to time, the kind of person who says one thing but does another. Try to explain things, patch things up. Among other things, getting the hang of things, one less thing, the number of things, things like this wouldn’t happen. To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence.

Atrocious things, many things. He often shuts himself up in the study and writes things like this. Awful things, so many things, the same things, interesting things, interested in the same things. Learning to ignore things, one thing, and then another, the hardest thing, the right thing, the first thing, the important thing, the only thing, keep doing things, a wonderful thing. Get things done, worry about things, keep doing things, even things up, several things, about things like that, take things down in longhand, all things considered.

Know a lot of things, stupid thing to do. I can do things that I’ve never even thought of doing. The things that he had seen during his trip. Try to explain things, got better things to do, hand things over, saw a lot of things I never noticed before. thought things would get better. She often leaves things behind. Remember things that never happened. Certain things about Mary.

Didn’t say a thing. Rushing things will cost you more time in the end. So many things seem strange, the kind of thing you can laugh off, two separate things. Every person views things differently. Things that can’t be changed, forgotten all the things one has learned, says the weirdest things. First thing in the morning, most essential thing, the hang of things, getting things done right, getting things together. Some things are better left unsaid, minor thing, major thing, unnecessary things, everyday things, some of my old things, insists on things being right, sold things at cheaper prices, every living thing.

D’jouevernotice? The new things, and new ways are as funky as the old things and old ways. New things are just as much a ripoff as the old things. I mean what’s the difference if you’re getting the shaft from one, or more of the drug companies, or Facebook? Hostage syndrome. Once they’ve taught you the drill the view never changes.

The thing about things is that nothing much has changed. The ceiling fan still comes with the wrong screws. The remote control still comes without the batteries. A computer the size of your hand is impossible to operate without a 90 dollar an hour computer guru. Finding things in the library is still a mystery. Who goes to the library? Finding water, and a pressure gauge at a filling station is lucky. Software things are a can of worms because that can of worms won’t be updated further, or isn’t compatible with the system you are using. If things were different, if things were another way. If things you depended on deserved your dependance it just wouldn’t be the same old can of worms. Now, would it?


Standing around minding my own business. Stand at ease, woah! big fella. Stand by your guns. Stand a chance. Stand by your man. Standing on the corner, stand on the moon, standing on a postage stamp, standing on a corner of the rug, standing in the swimming pool, standing, ever standing, standoffish. I can’t stand it, You couldn’t stand the thought, neither could I. If you can’t stand the heat get the hell out of the kitchen. Stand on top of the mountain, you’ll deserve the view. Stand for it, stand, because you should. Stand up, be counted, stand up guy, stand up woman, I could stand for that. Stand aside, in the standings, in the stands, in the grandstands. I could barely stand the noise.

But I can stand a little rain, I can stand a little disappointment, I can stand most anything, I can eat fifty eggs. I stand corrected. Stand tall, stand still. Stand back, the stand of trees, stand alone, stand by, the stand of theives were different from the stand of good guys, the stand of flowers, a stand of forest in the middle of the field by the side of the road. The stand of reeds by the river. Stand up comedy.

Stand on principle, stand on conscience, stand on a boat, stand on the bridge like Spock. Stand down, stand fast. Stand in, stand in awe. Stand for…something. Stand guard. Stand off. Stand the sight, stand alone, stand to reason. Stand in good stead. Stand on your head, stand on one leg. Stand off. Stand on ceremony, stand on that brake. Live with a higher standard, take a stand, make a stand, guitar stand, stand your ground, don’t sacrifice your standards, don’t think your standards would look good on someone else. Standard bearer. Standard of living. Standards. Everybody lives by a different standard, it’s what makes it worth it, that’s what makes it interesting. Welcome to Earth.

Stand down, but, don’t stand for such treatment. Stand out, stand pat. Don’t stand it, pass it by. Don’t worry about standing it, go the other way. Don’t stand it for a minute. If you can stand this, then…stand that cocker spaniel off.

Stand for being the best, stand for it even if you’re not. I could stand here all night long, I just might. She was a fan of my stance, so to speak. Standing on top of the world, standing for something worthy, standing for something. Standing for those that cannot stand, standing for those that got tired and had to sit down.

You can stand it, you can handle whatever comes your way, anyway that’s the rumor. Stand tough, stand proud, stand for what you believe, stand for good. Stand sometimes, sit down every once in a while yourself. I hear they’re saving a seat for me. No thanx, I’ll stand. Standing would make you uncomfortable, standing made me uncomfortable, but just not bad enough. I stood when others sat, I stood when I got the call, I stood for one, and another, I stood for you, too. I stood beside you just like I said I would. These are some of the things worth living for.


Never say never. Never you mind, never is a long time, never rolls off your tongue, never is bravado, never is an end point but hard to draw with a ball point pen. Never welcome in my house again. now, that’s not hard to understand, is it? Never is an opinion, never is a conviction, never is a principle, never is a rule harder to keep than you might think. Never is a fancy, never is a brag, never is big talk, never is advice, never is a dream, never is a location you may never get to despite your best efforts. Never is a whole lot longer than forever.

Never mind, never tell, never want for anything, never get paid, never get happy, never get along with anyone. Never stop, or never go. Never stand for anything. Never be, never see, never once, never again, never make, never made, never belong, maybe better than to ever belong. Never there, never go, never believe, but it could be worse. Never ending, never taken for granted, never stand in the way, never get something for nothing, never get the chance. Make your own chances, look elsewhere.

Never-never, never more, never-never land, Michael Jackson. Never walk under a ladder. Never stop to take a photo in the middle of an intersection. Never smile, never care, never wish something bad on anyone that doesn’t deserve it. Never be bad, never come to grips, never give up. Never sit. Never hold anything against anyone, what a bore. Never put your friend at risk. Never put yourself at risk anymore than you must.

Never sell yourself short. Never pretend you’re anything you’re not. Never give somebody a hard time unless they ought to get a hard time from you. Nevertheless, never have the problem again. Never let them walk. But, never cause grief, never think you’re above it all. Never want to do that again.

Never put anything else in the gas tank. Never put 30weight in the wiper fluid, or the radiator. Never tell the road manager you don’t know where the gig is. Never go down that road. Never play that club. Never let the bass player’s girl go along, unless she drives, and carries his rig into sound check. Never put your strings on just before a set. Never spit on the front row, sing into the microphone. Never be late for a gig. That kind of never makes a good impression even if you do sound like shit. Never take checks for the gig. Peace in the band depends on it.

Never drink, and you’ll be like the cocker spaniels at the AA meeting. Wouldn’t trust a man that never took a drink, every once in a while. Never spend money you don’t have. Never lust, take what you will, take what you can and be happy with what you get. Never grin and bear it, much harder said than done. Never stand on your accomplishments because the world just might pass you by. Keep pushing.

Never think, because if you start thinking, then Geoff will start thinking. And if Geoff starts thinking then David will start thinking. And if David starts thinking…well, David is a professional. Never thought it mattered, oh well. Never could remember, never will forget. Never buy a lemon, but how can you tell. Never had anything like that, never been treated that way, never be treated that way again.

Never went so far before. Never stood on the moon. Never been in Africa, never took the space shuttle anywhere. Never gone down that road, never had it to worry about. Never asked anyone for anything. Never want when you could have what you will. Never seemed like it would ever happen to me. Never try, just do. I was never so embarrassed. I was never so mad, I was never as livid as I was when that pencil dick kept pestering my wife. So I never went there again.

So I never even thought about it, so I never gave it the slightest, so it never bothered me at all, it never came across my desk again. So I never told her, so she never came around, harrumph. He’ll never pay me what he owes me, she’ll never give it a thought, so never worry about it, never give it another thought. Never again. Never tell what you don’t want to have to deal with down the line. Never is harder to do than you think it would be. Never is a lot of things but sometimes never doesn’t cover it. I never leave the neighborhood. I never put my wishes ahead of others, but that’s what my mother always said.

Never be the last in line, if you can help it. Never forget to say you’re sorry. Never forget to say something good, or say nothing at all, my mother was all over this stuff. Never stop counting. Never quit. Never thought you would. Never had it in me. Never the same. Never anything more. Never was not my intention, never was not my style, never wanted that to happen. Never would believe, never would recommend. Never would’ve said that. Never saw such bullshit in my life.

Never can tell. Never was so heartless as that lotus bitch. Never challenge that creep, stay out of the deep water. Never come up for air. Swim on. Never stand in the way of progress. Never had the intelligence goodness gave a cricket. Never drink Coke, never drink Pepsi, never start a cross country trip without a diet Dr. Pepper and a bag of M&Ms.

Never been to the Grande Canyon, never been west. Never going again without water, but you can never go home, you can never see that far. You can never make it up to her. So never be obnoxious, never be cute. Never be the person that never says hello, elevator talk to elevator types. Never be left behind. Never quit when you’re ahead. Never liked you in the first place. Never could rely on her, but I did.

Never stand for it. Never come down out of that tree. Never stand alone. You are your own best friend. Never came back. Never come back. Never thought to look. Never had any idea, never thought it would make any difference. Never will. If you never try you’ll never know. If it never could, if it never would. What if you never gave it a chance? What if you never gave it a second thought? It might never come to pass.

Never is a solution, never is an ultimatum. And never is an answer, and never is an excuse. Never only comes around every once in a while, so you won’t run into never on the bus, unless you stand in front of the line. You’ll never get away with that. You’ll never get away with speeding through stoplights in the city, for long. Never is a belief that nothing can go wrong till that wheel comes off your wagon. Trust me, that never happens.

Never is a promise. Never is a hoodwink. Never is a boast, never is a lie, though never just about covers it. Never be the only one complaining. Never be the only chicken in the yard. I never did get it. I never would’ve told you. I never thought it was worth the cover charge. Never go away. Never wear out you’re welcome. And never stop for gas at the corner of Kirby and the southwest freeway. And if you just got the job, never be the last fellow to a meeting. Never can tell.

“I neva’ wea underwea,” she drawled between sips of her gin and tonic. Just about closing time I asked this belle of the bar if she was free. She rolled her eyes, and groaned dismissively in my face, “neva’, sonny… lest I seem unkind, lemme rephrase that. When HELL freezes ova’.”