Work the program, find work in the city, work it out, work on it, work it down into something manageable. The work was the reason, the work became the reason only after a lotta work. Work place, got it working again, make it work again, make it work one time. It worked like a clock, it worked like a charm.

It only worked, it might have worked, it wouldn’t work unless you did it the right way, lemme show you. Don’t work, didn’t work, stopped working just when…should work. If it doesn’t work send it back. I thought it was supposed to work, that only applies if it works, they got warranties for that kind of nonsense.

The workings of a clock, the workings of the machine, iron works, cement works, rock works, bring a friend to help you get it in the car. If I could find work, work’s not hard to find, doing work is the hard part. If you think about it, it’s more like a fear of labor than the labor itself, funny planet. Work will save you money because you can’t often find time to buy things when you’re at work. At least something works.

Complete Works, Selected Works. Recent Works, abysmal works, required works, test on Tuesday. Work will keep you alive. Work will keep you awake, work will keep you busy, work will keep you involved, work will keep you engaged. Work will pay you for doing the damn work in the first place, eggcellent. Work is expected, work is daily, work is on the books, work is on the way, work is a good time, work is shit, work is on time sometimes.

Work is a drag, work is a pit, work is a dream, work is a daydream, work is a bore, work is a trade off, work is a bargain, work is vacation if you do it right. Work is a job, work is a fire truck, work is hanging on the side of a building cleaning the windows.

Work is building a dam, work is fixing the dam. Work is, work time, work for, it works, but the second hand is off. Worked for a few years, only worked when I thought about it, and that was all the time. It was working so we left it alone, if it ain’t broke.

So I wrote a show of spoken word and musical improvisation in Santa Fe, NM and played it with three other musicians in New York City. Just wrote another one. It’s all over except for the work. Even though it might not work, shit work, funky work. Work that doesn’t pay, work that passes you by, work that someone else does. I probably wouldn’t do that work. But, work is heroic, work is admired, work is for the working stiff, working is the best part sometimes.

Work makes you feel good, work makes you feel wanted, work gives you something to do. Work takes up the time you’d rather spend somewhere else. A little work won’t ruin your life. A lack of work is good work for no one. So honor work, look for work, stand work, do away with work altogether, and the beer is free. Strike work, good work, yeah, do it again. I only hope my work is as good as yours.

Work with your head down, work with your heart, work with what you got, work with determination. Work on your stamina, work on your game, work on that backhand, get back to work, get a better job. A lotta work, a little work. Don’t think this through, just do the work. It’ll take a lot less time.

No work, hospital work, something works, maybe, work both sides of the street. Work both ways, work ethic, work force, work in progress, work into the ground, work like a beaver, work like a charm, work load, work of art, work off, work on. Work yer fingers to the bone. Work yer nerves, work your tail off. Work order, we can work it out, work over, work down, work someone over, work someone out of he picture, now that’s art.

This just won’t get it, but we can probably work something out. But don’t count on it. Work station, work stoppage, work till the end of the set, then you might be looking for work. Looking back at your work, looking forward to work, send the kids back to school. The glory is the work, especially when you do it again, to be able to do it again. Coffee before work, ride with you to work, working at work, imagine that.

Work through it, work it up, play it at your next gig. The work was magic, the work blew me away, the work blew me through the wall. My work, your work, our work, great work, do it again. Do it for as long as you like, do it for as long as you can, same diff. Known for your work, your work precedes you, noted for your work, adored for your work, forgotten works, sloppy work, tired work, slow work, shop work, poor work, top work…stop work.

The most important thing in an artist’s life is the work. The closest thing in an artists life is the work. The most time spent in an artist’s life is the work, the most mysterious thing in an artist’s life is the work. The worst thing in an artists life is the work, the hardest thing in an artist’s life is the work, but the most rewarding thing in an artist’s life is the work. The only enduring thing in an artist’s life is the work. So, work your life away, bravo. Work before play, work before love, work. Work before you eat, work before you put your clothes on, work when you’re trying to sleep. Work before you leap. Work before anyone knows your work. Work if you never find work at all. Anyway, I hope this works.

And unless you’ve forgotten how to do a little work, even if it doesn’t sell your novel, work might still end up in a worthy place like an archive at a University.