Did I not say it loud enough? Or maybe I should repeat myself: No. Was I not plain as the nose on your face? No. Did I not make it perfectly clear? No. Hell no. Don’t get me wrong, no is not so much what I say as what I mean. But people just wanna see how you say no. People can’t believe you’d say no. We have no people. We have no bananas. We have no kitties.

No is a convenience, no is a protocol, no is a social norm. No is the easiest way to end a conversation. No is the easiest way to end a relationship. No just might start another. No walking on the grass, no spitting on the sidewalk, no pissing in the yard. No quibbling, no stopping, no speeding, no standing, no parking, no waiting, no money, no help, no information, no dancing, no problem. No can do, don’t argue, no noise, no talking in line, no sharps, no flats, no encore, no election, no leaves in the winter, no shade in the summer, no halftime at the Super Bowl.

How could you say no to a lady with obsidian eyes?

No is not a negative, no is a civilized game changer. No can be delivered somewhat casually, but no is serious business. No wonder, no body’s business, no water, no wildlife, no art, no guitar, no musical instruments of any kind. If everything got mixed together there would be no vein of gold. No sweat going to hell cause itz all downhill. None for me, not a dime. Not an answer to be found, not a person to be found, not a penny to my name. Never say no, never say never. No is an excuse.

No more, no time, no daylight savings time. What time of day is it? No watch. Not around here, no ski lift, no breathing underwater, no color in her face, no is final, unless it’s not final. No dumping, nobody gives a care, anything is better than nothing, no way, no how, no deal, another no deal. No vote, no lo contindere, no confidence, no support, no is neither a negative if you say it like you mean it. No is an opinion, no is a quick way to turn you off. No paper in this can, no bottles in this can, no household garbage, no bikes on the sidewalk, no walkers on the thoroughfare, no cans, no jars, no breaks, no rest, no rest for the weary, no right, no wrong.

No was what she said, no was what she meant, there was no love left in her. There was no love in the city, there was no love anywhere, no flowers please. No armbands at South By. No freebies, no backstage pass, none of you will get in here, no exceptions. No will put a stop to that short and sweet. No putting your hands in the cage, no putting your hands in the machinery.

But there’s always something from nothing, even if they say no we’ll climb over the fence, even if they say no we’ll drink from the well, even if they say no you might not hear them, so just go on about your business like nothing happened. No cats, no dogs, no children, no one over 65, no one under 65. No dinner, no sleep. No, but maybe.

What is it you don’t understand about no, what is there to misunderstand about no. No is the end of the line, no is a new beginning, have the character goodness gave a cricket, just say no. It won’t get any better until you say no. Stop saying no all the time, stop saying yes when no is what you really mean. No is a relief. No says more about him than his whole damned book.

Nobody, no one, no time, no way, no sound, no smile, no laughter, no hope, none for me, none for her, no flowers, no bad thoughts, no good intentions. No thinking you’ve done the right thing. No one got told what to play. No one got told when to say it.

I said, no thinking. If you start thinking then Geoff will start thinking, and if Geoff starts thinking then David will start thinking and if David starts thinking…and David is a professional. No way out, no way in, no way around it, no is the only word you’ll hear from me on the subject, no frills, no extras, no coupons, no interest for 90 days. No drugs, no alcohol, no just might be the only way out of here. There is nothing left to say, but no.

No just won’t get it. I can’t get no. No, no, no. No doesn’t mean anything, but no. Screaming no, know your enemy, know your opponent, not at all. No means no. No small amount, nothing, no right back at you, nose job, nose in someone else’s business, know where you are going, going nowhere. Know where you’ve been, know the ropes, know the time, know which way is up, know how to get to town, know how to get your ass out of town. In space there is nothing, well, not a lot of much of nothing.

No is the last straw, no is the end of the line. No, but you can never tell. No, but if you wait around for a while they might just change their mind. None of the above, none of the aforementioned, nothing of anything at all, no back, no sides, no dessert, no coffee, no carbs, no smoking, no cutting in line, no gluten, no night shades, no crackers, no bread, no red meat, no eating anything with eyeballs.

No health plan, no income, no more patience, no more time, no more. Just when you thought there would be no more, no video, no audio, no place to put anything, no air, no water, and all the boards did shrink. No land in sight, no horizon, no sun, no rain, no wind, no food for the poor, no food for thought, no stopping the monster from outta town, no means no, no to hatred, no to greed, but I digress.

And even though no just might say it, no is not a big enough word.

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