©︎Vince Pawless 2019

Sex is lovely, sex is the desired effect. Sex is always had by others that don’t give a rat’s ass about sex. Sex is under appreciated, sex is ignored, sex is one of the last places in line, because sex is steamy. Sex is honestly. Sex is under the covers, sometimes. Sex is in a cab, sex is in a horny lawyer, or doctor’s office. Sex is in a place you might never have supposed.

Sex is on a park bench, sex is at an amusement Park. Sex is inconvenient, sex is right place, right time. Sex is misunderstood. Sex is never where you want it to be, sex never happens when you want it to. Sex is lost in a shuffle of moralistic bullshit. Sex is confused, but so was your mother. If you weren’t just a little sexy why would I want a thing in the world to do with you, because the predicament of love is just a hollow oath without the comfort, and togetherness of a healthy sex life.

Yer want-able if yer sexy, yer valuable if you are sexy, yer noteworthy if you are sexy, yer sexy if you are sexy. Yer not necessarily sexy if yer good looking, yer sexy if yer sexy. Sex is long, sex is short, sex is good, sex is bad. But sex is way better than what comes in second. Sex is like a bank account, you never have enough and you can’t qualify for a loan.

Tell her how it’s cold and lonely
when you see my “X”. Tell her she can
save her tears and hold her pity,
until she’s seen my next.


©Vince Pawless 2019

The divine complication, the divine hour, the divine thought. Divine intention, divine action, divine result, divine way. Divine look. If you would allow me, you look divine. The divining rod, the divine path, the divine trail, the divine compliment, the off handed compliment. The divine treatment, the divine palace, the divine hovel. The divine deception, the divine moment, the divine music in yer ear. The divine procession, the divine costumes, the divine makeup. The divine sky, the divine clouds, the divine cities under the sun, the divine armies buried here.

The divine consideration, the divine sympathies, the divine giving, the divine charity. Divine freedom, divine completion, divine conclusion, divine comedies. The angelic divine, the anointed divine, gloriously divine, the divine mind, divine right of kings. The diviner’s wand, magnificently divine, spiritually divine, splendidly divine. The unearthly divine, the supposed divine, the perceived divine, the understood divine. The divine woman, the divine man, the divine children of the divine.

The divine exaltation, the divine relief. The divine landscape, the divine order, the divine wilderness. Divine size, divine togetherness. The divine of the dastardly, the divine thief. The divination in the supernatural, the divine insight, the divine answer, the divine question, the divine supreme. Blissfully divine, immaculately divine, rapturously divine, the ambrosia of the divine. The godlike divine, celestially divine, the divine universe of concept. Namaste, the divine in me honors the divine in you.

So, is it hotter in Houston
or, in the summertime?


©Vince Pawless 2019

Misplace the queen of the kingdom, misplace the castle in the air. Misplace the face in a crowd. Misplace the figure on a beach, misplace the figure in the bed. Misplace the touch, misplace the feel, misplace the thought, perish the thought. Misplace the charm, misplace the imagination. Misplace the flight of fancy. Misplace the ambition, misplace the aspiration, misplace the pride. Misplace the love of the misplaced.

Misplace the desires, misplace the care, misplace the comfort, misplace the dream, misplace the wish, misplace the voice like an echo, misplace the time you were there. Misplace the time we were together. Misplace the notes on a guitar. Misplace the way that you looked at me. Misplace the reasons to care. Misplace the smooth of the hand. Misplace the smell of the perfume. Misplace the sound of the voice. Misplace the warmth of the smile. Misplace the confidence you had in me. I was so afraid I had misplaced yer love.

Like the earth and the moon,
she and I were falling together.


©Vince Pawless 2019

The way that it was was perfect. The way that it was was ideal. The way that it was was the way that it was because we, damn well, made it that way. The way that it was was a dream because dreams really do come true. The way that it was was the way that it was, but nothing lasts forever even the way that it was. The way that it was was worth the hassle of putting it together. The way that it was was the way that it was because we busted our lovely asses making it happen.

The way that it was gave you the chance to be more than you ever were. The way that it was made you taller somehow. The way that it was showed yer character. Maybe more than you supposed. The way that it was showed you learned the lessons yer mother taught you. The way that it was showed you could be counted on in the absolute worst of times. The way that it was made you proud to be in the same room with them that needed you. The way that it was you would be no place else on this earth.

But, the way that it was was harder than you might recall. The way that it was wasn’t kind as you might remember. The way that it was was self serving. The way that it was was exclusionary. The way that it was left you outta the loop. The way that it was made you feel small. The way that it was was, time to time, tougher than a piece of jerky. The way that it was was insulting. The way that it was was uncomfortable. The way that it was was a nightmare. The way that it was was downright unfair. The way that it was left you friendless. The way that it was made you tearful. The way that it was made you alone, and separate from everything else on this lonely little planet.

Nonetheless, the way that it was was simpler than the way that it is. And the way that it was was different than the way itz gonna be. So be it. The way that it was was the way that it was because that was the way that it was, once upon a time.

Don’t know how much of that red
I drank, but I’m sure I drank it all.


©Vince Pawless 2019

Bank on it, you can take that to the bank. Bank yer savings, bank yer talent, save it up for a rainy day. Bank on me being there, bank on me doing what I say I’m gonna do. Banks create money from nofuckingwhere. They bank somebody else’s winnings, then charge them interest on their money to make the bank more money before they charge them to take the money back out. What a rip. Then again, if you knew how the investor made their money you wouldn’t have any sympathy for them. You sound like a bank.

The bank is closed for the holidaze. The bank is closed because you need it to be open, wouldn’t you just know. A spell came over the banks, the banks are a giant with feet of clay. Bank yer paycheck, bank the extra. No extra? Bank it next week. There’s gold in them there banks. If you can bank it you can sock it away, you can salt it away for another day. When you bank itz collateral for something else. Yer bank is yer stash. And it could be underneath the bed. You can lay it away, so to speak.

A bank is a counting house, a bank is the closest thing to a Presbyterian church. Yer money is safe if itz in a bank, ask the short sellers. A bank is full of people’s savings. And though every bank has credit, a bank is full of profitablity. A bank is full of shit. And every bank has a vault full of shit. And finally, every bank is moving to the blockchain, so much for the vault.

Summon a little charismatic wildness.


©Vince Pawless 2019

A cry is closer to a laugh than a sigh.
A cry is closer to a joy than a desperation.
A cry is closer to a better day.
A cry means a better day is around the corner.
A cry is closer to a solution.
A cry is closer to a resolution.
A cry is a strength,a cry is a strong point.
A cry means yer on yer way.
A cry means you did it yerself.
A cry means you can let it go.
A cry means you’ll never let it go.
A cry means you will move along.
A cry is a release from dog shit.
A cry is the first step in another journey.
A cry means yer unafraid.
A cry means yer unconcerned about others.
When you cry, yer gonna make it.
When you cry, yer gonna be alright.
When you cry, yer gonna be OK.
When you cry, yer gonna be just fine.
A cry is not a weakness.
A cry is not a pity.
A cry is not an embarrassment.
A cry is not a blemish.
A cry is not a chink in yer armor.
A cry is not an Achilles Heel.
A cry is not a failing.
A cry is not a feebleness.
A cry is not a vulnerability.
A cry is not a soft spot.
A cry is not a shortcoming.
A cry is not a flaw.
A cry is not a problem.
When you cry, you won’t take no for an answer.
When you cry, yer gonna show yer tough as nails.
When you cry, yer gonna show yer stuff.
When you cry, you won’t be denied.
When you cry, you stare in the face of grief.

It doesn’t hurt to cry, it feels good to cry.
Not to worry, if it gets that bad, try as you may,
you just can’t cry.


©Vince Pawless 2019

Explosion, big explosion, loud explosion. A Big Bang like a backfire. Exploding buildings, exploding planets like a Death Star. The smoke from the explosion, the ring in yer ears from the explosion. The explosion that leveled the city around. Not an explosion, an implosion. The explosion at the blast furnace, the explosion at the nuclear facility, the explosion on the boat, the explosion on the ship, the explosion in the explosives magazine. Prevent the explosion if you can, ignore the explosion if you will. The explosion of ideas, the explosion of words, managing an explosion like IMPROV.

An explosion like a clap of thunder, a detonation like an explosion. The explosion of notes on a piano like Rob Schwimmer. The explosion was a blowout under a geyser of water. An explosion like a roar, an explosion like a concussion. The report of the explosion, the ignition of the explosion, the aftermath of the explosion. The victims of the explosion, those responsible for the explosion. If itz a big enough explosion how do you tell the difference? I wouldn’t be so cavalier with that damn explosive, it might just explode.

Point that gun somewhere else, would ya. Shape charge explosives, war time explosives, peaceful easy explosives, an explosion like a sunrise. Unanticipated explosion. It just exploded, don’t ask me. Like a fireworks stand, like a gun emplacement, like a writer working with his head down. Explode, exploding, explosive, explosively, explosiveness, exploding rivet, exploding top hat. Like Berkeley said, “it wasn’t how loud the explosion was underground. It was how the ground all around raised up and fell back like a pebble into a pond.”

Where I been and how I got here
is like following the flight of a bird.


©Vince Pawless 2019

Lie to me, don’t give me that shit, lie to me. The innocent lie, the bald faced lie, the brazen lie, the honest lie. The lie you can believe in, the lie that stays with you. The lie that pisses you off, the lie that just about anyone would know. The lie before the truth, the truth before the lie, which is which? Does it matter? A good story is a good story.

Better that than another boring rendition of the same old stuff. The lie was what everyone was waiting for, “I never had sexual relations with that woman.” Now, that’s a good one. The believable lie, the publicist’s lie, the conventional lie. Lying in bed, lying around the shack. Lying is more fun than telling the truth to people that would just as soon as lie to you as tell the truth. The backbiting lie, the deceitful lie, the lie in the explanation, the whopper of a lie, the scale of the lie, the breadth of the lie, the importance of the lie, the insignificance of the lie, the lie on the lie, the lie over the lie, lie after lie, the lie in the tall tale, it all was a lie, but when did the lie stop? I see, it never stops.

The slanderous lie. The lie was a distortion. The lie in the rose colored glasses. The lie in the business suit. The lie was a fabrication, had to pay a lot of people to get that kind of lie. Yer not a liar as much as you write fiction well, Bravo!

Let your first invention be yourself.


©Vince Pawless 2019

When your on a roll, you’re on a roll. When your hot, you’re hot. But when you’re not, you ain’t. If you know the ropes you can’t be beat. But you can lose it in a heartbeat. If you’re tuned in you know the tune. If you’re zoned you’re zeroed in like an arrow from a bow. 

If you’re on top of it, you’re on top of the world. When you’re the lead dog, at least, there’s a view. Be defined by the people you know but, be defined by the people you meet. Screech like a raptor, bark like a semiconductor, talk like a commentator. Shine like a silver, hotter than polished steel. Speak thunder, shout out loud, rain down from the sky. Billow like fog, cover ground like a troop movement, take the snap like a quarterback. 

Make it happen, make it so, make it all go away. Make it be.tter than it was. Run the next while, stand your ground, stop on a dime and give ‘em change. Stick your neck out, risk, but know the drill. Do it for yourself, do it for others, do it because it’s right. If you do it, then I don’t have to do it. Fortune favors the brave roll of the dice.

Sometimes the loudest thing
in the house is the rice frying.


©Vince Pawless 2019

Don’t just stand there, do something. Or get outta the way. If you don’t do something about it things will never change. You’re part of the solution if you just do something about it. Doing something about it tells a lot about you. Doing nothing tells something, too. If you could would you do something about it?

I would like to think if the shit hit the fan I would just naturally do something about it. If I didn’t, my mother would slap my ass. I would like to think if the shit hit the fan you would do something about it, too. So much for supposing what someone else would do about it, or not. Maybe someday someone will do something about that, too.

Doing something about it enhances your self esteem. Doing something about it helps others trust there are good people out there that would do something about it if they found something lacking, or if they saw someone hurting. So this is the bottom line, do something about what you can do something about.

Wilder yesterday, wiser today.
I just slowed down to get a better look.