T Bone Burnett writes:


Ojo is shamanism.

Avant Psychebilly Music

Vince Bell is a music artist working with autonomy.

Same goes for Bob Neuwirth, who by remaining autonomous, knows how to encourage that sort of thing.

Ojo is a beautiful record.  It is generous, courageous, free, soulful, smart, poetic, funny, optimistic, full of good spirits.


Live with what you cannot change

Change what you cannot live with




If you walk away

Everything changes




The hardest thing to do is nothing at all


Ojo changes the world Vince Bell’s way.

Laura Cantrell, Pedro Cortes, Valerie Dee Naranjo, Ratzo B. Harris, Rob Schwimmer, Renaud-Gabriel Pion, Robert Dick, David Mansfield, Satoshi Takeishi

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